Analytical Services

Being aware and mindful of our customer's requirements, we have established our own independent highly specialised chromatographic detection system for impurities in Cassia gum.

Upon special request, we offer to our esteemed business partners analytical services for the detection of naturally occurring anthraquinones and naphthopyrones in various plant material. With our advanced analytical technologies, we are in a position to identify and quantify the free aglycones as well as the corresponding glycosids.

From time to time we synthesise or isolate aglycones set free from Cassia raw material. Actually we have available some micrograms of rubrofusarin and aurantio-obtusin.

We have developed proprietary methods and special detection skills for the identification of physcion, chrysophanic acid, emodin, aloe-emodin, rhein, questin, xanthorin, rubrofusarin, norrubrofusarin, chryso-obtusin, obtusin, obtusifolin, aurantio-obtusin and alaternin. Furthermore, torachrysone and torosachrysone can be detected.